Sewer function machines measuring system OSA

  • measuring the amount of waste water collected from a customer
  • a printout confirming the amount of waste water collected
  • easy and quick assembly
  • ease of use
  • controlling the amount of waste water collected by drivers

Quantity measuring system for the waste water collected is installed on the sewer function machine. It allows you to measure the actual amount of waste water collected, eliminating any conflict between the customer and waste water collector. It allows you to control the drivers' work and it prevents any uncontrolled and unregistered waste water collection that can be made by a driver.

 Description and principle of operation:

The measuring system consists of an electromagnetic flow meter with its fixing, control system and printer. The flow meter sensor is installed on the tank outlet piece with special fixing elements.
Flow meter converter, control panel and printer are mounted in the driver cabin. Control panel, printer and counter reset button are supplied in a hermetic enclosure. The reset button allows you to delete the data from last measurement. The flow meter has a number of counters, including one non-erasable counter that always displays the waste water volume from the moment of the flow meter installation. The measuring system is powered by 24 V from the car installation.
The printer allows you to print a receipt for each operation. Data on the receipt printout can be tailored to individual customer requirements. A sample printout is located on this card.
The system is designed for self installation by the buyer.
The manufacturer provides all the elements required for installation of the measurement system, along with a detailed installation and operating manual.