Automatic liquid sampler system

Aotomatic liquid sampler systems enable to take samples in defined time functions, flow functions or by impulse generated manually. Systems can operate with co-operation with electromagnetic flow meter. On the basis on flow meter's measurements the signal for sample intake can be given. Taken samples are storaged in coolers which protect samples from further biological processes and congealing.   

Automatic liquid sampler are produced in stationary or portable version,  free-standing or mounted in buildings or as an equipment in waste water disposal stations.

Bottles capacity: 5l; 4x5l; 4x4,5l; 10l; 25l; 12x 0,7l; 4x12l; 2x4,5l; 12x1l; 24x 1l

  • high quality cooling system (condenser cooled by air, heat-insulating cover)
  • enclosure resistant to bad weather
  • possibility to co-operate with compuetr and to transfer data
  • possibility to co-operate with electromagnetic flow meter
  • possibility to take samples by remote control
  • samples taken according to ISO 5667-2/10
  • samples taken up to depth 8 m
  • Polish language version
  • easy service and maintenance
  • very low exploitation cost

Possibility to take samples also from pressure pipelines.