Sand washer PPE

  • cleaning of partly dewatered sand
    through reduction of organic components
    content in washed sand
  • reduced costs of sand utilisation
  • possibility to use sand for other purposes
    for example building engineering
  • stainless steel construction
  • high efficiency
  • low cost of exploitation
  • easy and quick assembly
  • construction adjusted to customer's requirements
    installation behind existing sand separator, desander
    or on waste water treatment plant outlet

Sand and other small organic pollutants generated during their separation from waste water are covered with a layer of organic pollutants. Sand washers are used to separate the organic pollutants from sand and other molecules. Organic pollutants generated in the flushing process are moved to further steps of purification. After the flushing process sand is so pure that it can be delivered directly to the landfills, which allows you to significantly reduce the costs of its disposal.
The content of organic components in washed material is less than 3%.

Description and principle of operation:

The sand washer is filled with sand from the sand separation equipment through a feeding hopper. Contaminated sand is introduced into the tank equipped with a stirrer. Water flow supports the stirrer’s operation by keeping the sand in constant motion, and the separation of organic components of lower density from the mineral components of higher density takes place. Process water with organic components flows out of the tank through an overflow. Washed sand gathers at the bottom of the tank from where it is transported by a ribbon feeder into a suitable container. The sand is statically dewatered during transportation.

Device is made of stainles steel for better corrosion resistance and can operate in open air terrain in winter conditions.

Basic parameters:

  • efficiency ( of washed sand ) 0,2-0,4 m3/h
  • content of organic components in washed sand (depending on the delivered sand) up to 3%
  • dimension of batch 200x400 mm
  • washing water outlet piece diameter  1”
  • water consumption (depending on sand washer efficiency) 16-20 liter per every minute of washing