Sand scraper ZGP

Principle of operation:

Waste water always consist also of  sand and other constant materials which are commonly called the sand. This sand is stoped in desanders. Additional equipment of desander is the sand scraper device.

Sand scrapers are designed to remove sand and to push down floating elemnts from desander's chamber. In sand scrapers equipped with pumps, the pumps suck in the pulp from bottom of channel and overpress it into next device located in technological line of waste water treatment plants (gutter,separator, etc.). In sand scrapers equipped with plows the sand is scraped into funnel located in finishing zone of desander.



Sand scrapers are moved on concrete track or on trackway. Supplying cable is slung or is unwinded during scraper's running. Sand scrapers can operate in automatic mode controled by time relays or in manual mode controled from scraper's control box.

All sand scraper types are manufactured in different options (right, left) and are adjusted to customer's requirements.

Technical parameters:

  • desander length L (m): according to requirements
  • track of passable wheels: according to requirements (max up to 16 m)
  • amount of pumps/plows: 1 do 5
  • drive power [kW]: 0,37 ÷ 2,2
  • power supply: 2 PEN 400 V, 50 Hz
  • material execution: 1.4301
  • control system: automatic / manual