Vortex sand trap PWE

  • high efficiency of sand separation
  • high productivity up to 600 m3/h
  • fast and simply installation
  • low energy consumption
  • gravity flow
  • low cost of operation
  • made of stainless steel
  • compact design that requires little space


Vortex sand traps are designed for separating sand and other high density solids (heavier than waste water). Vortex sand traps with their small overall dimensions provide relatively high efficiency of sand separation. They are used mostly in small and medium-sized waste water treatment plants and modernized facilities, where there is no possibility of using multifunction devices that require more space.

PWE vortex sand trap is made from high quality stainless steel. Basic elements of the vortex sand separator are:

  • cylindrical tank with inlet and outlet pieces
  • conical tank
  • ribbon feeder or pumping system
  • cover
  • supports
  • power supply and control box 

Device can be installed in heated rooms of waste water treatment plants or under non-heated shelters, as well as in open terrain. The device has thermal insulation and a heating system that protect the unit from freezing.
The device is equipped with a control system capable of working in automatic or manual mode.


The process:

The waste water flows through inlet pipe into internal jacket of the device. Rotational motion of liquid supports the sedimentation phenomenon, and sand grains sink to the bottom of the sand trap. After precipitation of heavy slurry (sand, solids) the waste water passes into outer ring, from where it is discharged from the vortex sand trap and addressed for further processing.  Effectiveness of the process can be intensified by an aeration system. Sand pulp settling at the bottom of the sand trap is thrown out by the ribbon feeder or sucked out by a pump.