Horizontal sand separator PKE

Sand and grease are unavoidable content of municipal waste water. They should be reduced to minimum level. For better efficiency of sand and grease separation we recommend to use horizontal sand separator type PKE.

Device is adjusted to customer's requirements and can be supply with capacity from 10 to 200 l/s (36 to 720 m3 /h). Device can be installed both in small room and in open air place (insulated and heated), also in terrain or in channel. Thanks to very low investment expenditure, very low exploitation costs and by at the same time very high efficiency - application of traditional solutions is uneconomical.



  • high efficiency of sand separation + grease separation
  • full automation
  • failure-free operation
  • low energy consumption
  • co-operation with computer
  • easy and quick assembly
  • flexible construction adjusted to customer's requirements

Description and priciple of operation:
Waste water flow to device gravitationally or by pump. Waste water are droped into chamber where succeeds sand sedimentaion. Settled sand in bottom zone is transported by horizontal ribbon feeder into settling chamber from where by angular ribbon feeder is discharged outside device.  During transport process sand is gravitationally dewatered and compacted. Collecting in pocket grease is automatically removed by absorbent scraper into consolidated chamber from where can be removed or pumped. Device is amde of stainless steel 1.4301 and can operate in winter conditions.