Sand separator PSK

  • separating sand from pulp
  • transporting sand with simultaneous sand compaction
  • automatic operation that does not require constant supervision
  • cyclic operation, long life
  • made of high-grade stainless steel
  • high efficiency of operation at low running costs
  • insulated and heated housing (optional)



Sand separator is used for draining and removing sand and other (heavy) mineral deposits from water-sand pulp supplied from devices in the sewage pre-treatment process. The PSK sand separator consists of a sand trap (working chamber) and a ribbon feeder. The device is made of high-grade stainless steel.



As a result of decrease in speed of waste water flow from the sewage system to the separator, sand settles at the bottom of the working chamber. Excess waste water with organic components flows through the baffle. The oblique ribbon feeder collects sand from the bottom of the working chamber. During this process a simultaneous gravity drainage and compaction of the transported sand takes place. Dewatered sand is discharged outside the separator into a container. The separator operates in an automatic cycle. The device has insulated and heated casing and possibility of emptying from sand pulp by draining valve.