Screenings press/ screenings washing press PRE/PSW

Screenings press and screenings washing press are designed to volume reduction of separated screenings. This devices allow dehydration and compaction of constant waste ( bottles, rags, corks, stones, plastic elements. The presses are made of stainless steel what improve durability of execution and protect devices from corrosive factors.

Screenings washing press is additionally equipped with screenings washing system. It allows to reduce costs of screenings utilisation and enables return of water comes from washing into waste water treatment process. Returning water in riched in organic carbon. Dewatered screenings have dry matter content on level 35 - 45%.



  • dehydration, compaction and transport of screenings into containers
  • stainless steel construction
  • easy and quick assembly
  • very low operational costs
  • flexible construction sdjusted to customer's requirements
  • optionally execution as ram type press or expeller type press

Screenings are delivered directly from sieve (screen/ conveyor) into tapered container (basket batch) of press. Then succeeds screenings washing. after washing process screenings are transported into compaction chamber. Separated screenigs are additionally compacted in special shaped extractor pipe whereby screenigs are discharged into plastic bags or other containers.