Screening sieves SBK/SBO/SBW/SBZ

  • screening separation from waste water
  • protection of equipment in waste water treatment plant
  • dehydration, compaction and transport of screeining into containers 
  • high efficiency of operation at low running costs
  • made of high-grade stainless steel
  • easy and quick assembly



  • SBK Channel sieve
  • SBO Rotary drum sieve
  • SBW Drum sieve with inside flow
  • SBZ  Drum sieve with outside flow


Channel sieve and rotary drum sieve type SBK and SBO

Design and principle of operation
Sieve is designed to separate screenings from waste water with possibility of its dehydration, compaction and transport into container - all in one unit. It can be installed in waste water treatment plants or in systems designed for screenings selection. Sieves eliminate screenings from waste water which could cause failures in some of waste watre treatment plant devices (pumps, aerated device tec.). Size of sieve is adjusted to existing waste water flow.

Sieve can be installed both indoors and outdoors (insulated and heated), in channel or in container enclosure. Flowing waste water through selecting zone cause deposit of screenings on the surface of the sieve. Deposited screenings are transported through dehydration zone by screw conveyor. In dehydration zone screenings are dewatered, compacted and transported to discharge zone where are discharged into outside located containers or hermetic bags. 

SBW Drum sieve

Drum sieve SBW is designed to separate screenings from waste water, their discharging from channel into containers or presses. Sieve eliminates screenings from waste water which could cause failures in some of waste watre treatment plant devices (pumps, aerated device tec.)..

Size of sieve (diameter, length, screw conveyor length etc.) is adjusted to the real conditions existing on facility. Sieves can easily operate outdoors, theay are equipped with heating cover with built in heating elements. Sieve can operate as an independent device or integrated with screenings press. 



Principle of operation

Waste water flow to sieve gravitationally or by pumps. Waste water are entered pivotally into half-round sieve made of stainless steel with clearance dependent on purification level. It can be slotted sieve (oblong slots) or perforated sieve (holes). Screenings are separated on sieve while waste water are infiltrated into bottom tank from where gravitationally flow into channel or tubular installation. Screenings which are separated on sieve are removed by brushes into batch.

Device operates in automatic mode. Sieve is activated by control signal given from primary device for example the pump.