About us


Our company ENKO was established in 1991 and has been dynamically developing since then.
Main objective of our company is the responding to our customers’ needs.
We design, manufacture, assemble and service the equipment.
We also carry out commercial activities.

The main area of our production is environmental protection equipment, especially devices for waste water treatment plants, as well as complete waste water treatment plants.

We also manufacture different types of equipment for food processing, including cryogenic tunnels for fast food freezing, automatic self-cleaning filters for liquid food, stationary and mobile systems for milk collection and many others.

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of electromagnetic flow meters and the largest Polish manufacturer of the waste water disposal stations.


Recently we designed and entered into production an innovative sewer function machines measuring system


In our offer we have also composting plants and innovative biological waste water treatment plants designed for housholds.

With our qualified and experienced engineering and technical staff we carry out most difficult tasks. We have our own research and development teams, both for development of mechanical structures and for automation, computing and control.

Our equipment is exported to European Union countries and beyond, including Syria, South Korea, Belarus, Ukraine and Cuba.

Our goal is to meet customers requirements, to protect environment and to promote Polish products and technology all over the world.